We were very honoured to be working on the 2019 Toyota AFL Finals Series promotional video ‘Don’t Believe in Never’ and given that we are all avid footy fans here in the studio it was amazing to see our work helping increase the excitement.

We needed to drive home the impact, the energy and the excitement that encompasses the AFL finals. We needed to channel our inner Barry Hall and throw down a piece of music that meant business. Using a combination of bone crushing drum

hits, spine tingling sub drops, dirty dubstep basses and gritty guitars we set out to sculpt a piece of music that packed a punch. Layered with some bespoke sound design elements such as risers, impacts and stadium foley, the excitement can be felt through the speakers.

It was a joy working on this project and we hope there will be many more collaborations to come with AFL.

2019 Toyota AFL Finals Series 'Don't Believe in Never'