The process

We provide a stem mixing and mastering service which involves mixing down stems and running them through the finest hardware available today including a modern Neve mixing desk, SSL, Neve, Manley and Burl outboard gear.

Davide Carbone is our in-house mastering engineer. He’s an ARIA Award winner and has mixed hundreds of artists over his career. He is a world renowned artist, producer, engineer, sound designer and composer.

Davide works from Studio One at samplify which is a purpose built room featuring Adam S3H monitors and dual Adam S12 subs.

We aim to provide you with a marketable track that will compete across all mediums and streaming services. Please contact us if you would like discuss your track.

The results

Nightlife mastering example.mp4
Markee Ledge ‘Nightlife’

Stem Mix & Master

samplify SOH Mastering example.mp4

Stem Mix & Master

Josh Butler Vandit samplify mastering example.mp4

Stem Mix & Master

About Davide

Hi, for a while now I’ve been mixing and mastering artists from Carl Cox to Kylie Minogue to young producers at the beginning of their journey.

My forte has always been my ear and my ability to make things sound clear and detailed. I’ve mixed for clubs, events, streaming services, films, TV and everything in between. I have a strong and current understanding of how things should sound across all mediums.

Thanks to my gear I’ve got some pretty good help to ensure things sound dynamic, loud and professional. I can master a two track through it all or mix down your grouped stems allowing me to balance the bottom end whilst widening and sharpening the rest for significantly better results.

My final master will be loud enough to play out on any medium whilst also sounding pro on Spotify, Beatport, SoundCloud, YouTube and all other platforms and streaming services.

How it works

You provide us with up to 8 stems (Bass, Kick, Other Percussion, Music, Riffs, Vocals, SFX exported at 44.1kHz / 24bit for example). We will mix them in the box to balance everything out and push for clarity, width and power. We will send you a pre-master for feedback and approval.

We address your feedback which is usually about getting the individual levels right. This can be done over a quick zoom with a high quality audio feed straight to your monitors.

Once approved we run the premaster through a Neve mixing desk for separation and headroom, Pultec EQ to boost highs and lows, SSL and Neve gear for colour and a Manley VariMu for gentle compression and that pro sheen. Finally everything is recorded through a BURL Mothership using the highest A/D converters and analogue saturation.

Stem mixing and mastering is $300 AUD + GST per track Individual track mastering is $100 AUD + GST per track. Please contact us to book in your session.

Feedback from producers

Zepherin Saint

“Davide has an outstanding ear for mixing and mastering. My productions involve a lot of instrumentation, often with live strings and horns. Davide gives me the depth, bottom end, clarity, and warmth I need to bring this all to life and exist on a pumping dancefloor. His studio is top class, a true master of his craft, and someone I regard as a vital and integral part of my work.”


“Davide is a professional with an ear for mixing and mastering. He brought out the clarity and warmth I was lacking and left me with a world class record ready for the mainstage. He also breaks down his process and gives me advice on how I can get my mixes better. Davide will be putting his magic touch on all my records moving forward. Very grateful to have found a true master of his craft.”

“Davide just finished mixing and mastering three new tracks for me and I absolutely loved the way they turned out. He really makes an effort to understand the music and makes great suggestions throughout the process resulting in a something that really is quite special. The studio has top end gear that gives your music that true radio quality sound”

“I have been lucky enough to have Davide work over a variety of music since finishing at his school ‘School of Synthesis’. Once a track has gone through the process in his studio, the track no matter the genre, always comes to life. He definitely puts a lot of thought and care into his work and is always open to questions and provides advice where needed.”


“We’ve had the pleasure of working with Davide for over 12 years. He has mixed and mastered our music delivering great results for every track. Davide’s craft and gear ensures our music gets the clarity, width and depth it needs to stand out. It’s a thrill when a project is finished and we always learn something new from each experience. The process has taught us to re-evaluate our arrangements and be braver with our use of sound and space.”

Ming Vong

Samplify is a well renowned studio located in Melbourne’s St.Kilda. Davide is a talented Mastering engineer and has mastered my ‘Addiction EP’ (2021) on Clan Analogue recordings… He has a plethora of outboard gear and amazing facilities to make your next track perfected to optimum levels – ready to be beat mixed by DJs. If you are looking for the ultimate audio treatment Davide is your man – he is a true pleasure to work with and is highly recommended


Davide has been a key support on my musical journey. With his new Neve desk I have heard the best improvement on my mixes yet. For the Ungus Ungus Ungus album Constellations I brought him mixes I had already refined to the best of my abilities, and in a couple of days he made them 30% more lively, bright, dynamic, and pumping than where I was able to get to. I’ve never met a producer with such an understanding of both live and electronic instruments, and how to make them work seamlessly in tandem