samplify music composition for NetEase and Kuro Game

samplify Music Composition for Reliable Music, Kuro Game, NetEase.

We have partnered with the amazing Reliable Music whom we’ve collaborated with to create a range of scores for several high profile video games. Most recently samplify wrote the music for the 2nd Anniversary theme of popular video game Punishing Gray Raven by Kuro Game. There was immense love from gamers for the live stream launch of the game and the track itself has rocketed toward 100,000 views on YouTube in very little time. Check out the finished piece here:

Punishing: Gray Raven | 2nd Anniversary Theme Song - The Flame


Credit: Producer: Reliable Music Composed by: samplify Davide Carbone & Tristan Malloch, Vocal Melody by Martin Bezjak, Lyrics by: Spela Gorogranc – Shana Vocals: Sara Briski Cirman – Raiven Mixing and Mastering: Davide Carbone at samplify

As part of our partnership with Reliable Music we have also composed music for NetEase Games including the theme song for the hugely popular soccer game ‘Vive Le Football’. We were takes with creating a UEFA theme which is no easy task. We’ve been excited to check out the game and our music. Here’s our finished track:

Vive Le Football Theme Song


samplify music composition has been featured in many other games including the zombie survival game Life After.

We love writing music and we seem to have been extremely lucky to be writing music for video games. Given that all the composers and producers at samplify are avid long term gamers we are dedicated to this type of work. Apart from music we also been tasked with creating sound design for many video games and have had to draw deep on our technical knowledge to use Wwise and FMOD for audio implementation.

We’ve got some big projects in the pipeline and we are super excited to announce them soon. May the games continue!

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