Our Approach To Sonic Branding

We’ve been creating sonic identities, uniting touchpoints and forging lasting emotional connections through sonic branding for over twenty years.

Sonic Branding is an opportunity to create a unique set of notes and sounds that clients and customers will associate to your brand. It triggers emotions, enhances brand recall and gets more attention than visual identity.

We have created sonic identity packages for the major corporations such as International Cricket Council, Metro Trains Melbourne, BBC TV, BBC Radio, Virgin Media, MasterCard, Macquarie University, Samsung, Ford, LG, HCF and various clients, TV and radio stations in Australia, UK, China, Japan, India and the US. We’ve also created many sonic identity packages for start-ups around the world

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Case Studies

Creating the Metro Sonic Logo - samplify

In 2010 we created the iconic ‘Sound of Melbourne’. 12 years on and Its friendly tone and distinctive sound has helped enamour the brand to millions of commuters in Melbourne. This video demonstrates exactly how we made it and what makes our processes so unique.

Australian Catholic University
Australian Catholic University

The ACU needed a strong but emotive sonic identity package. They insisted on using real instruments so we hired the Melbourne Symphonic Orchestra to help create a sonic logo and a series of sonically branded music beds that the ACU has continued to use across various mediums.

KissFM Sonic Identity

When you listen to KISS FM you hear hundreds of different types of music so when they approached us to create a sonic identity package we knew we had to make something atonal that wouldn’t clash with the DJ sets it would be played over. Check the results of our sound recording experiments!


Australian Catholic University
Tahiti Tourisme
CareSuper Sonic Logo
Metro Trains Sonic Logo
HCF Uncommon Care TVC
Tumi Branding 30".mp4
Channel 31 Sonic Logo.mp4
Grease Monkey Games Sonic
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