Torque Drift 2 Original Soundtrack

We are absolutely thrilled to have produced the Torque Drift 2 Original Video Game Soundtrack, Vol. 1 featuring a whole range of music genres including Phonk, House, Chill, Trap, Bass and Downbeat. We have worked with many fantastic producers and vocalists the world over to give this soundtrack an authentic feel that suits the grimey and exhilarating world of drifting.

The Torque Drift 2 Soundtrack coincides with the Garage Release of the game and features the music that appears in game. The full game is out in 2024 and with over 20 million players we are ecstatic at the opportunity to share our work with the wider gaming community.

We’ve been working alongside the talented developers over at Grease Monkey Games that have a wonderful mix of people that live and breathe the culture of drifting. We were forced to sit in a drift car to understand just exactly how this wonderful experience feels! We’ve recorded cars, created sound design and looked after the audio implementation to create a full audio immersive experience.

There’s still much work to do whilst we work toward the full Torque Drift 2 video game release in 2024 and it’s great to be able to publicly share some of our work thus far. Special thank you and congratulations to all the artists involved in the soundtrack and a super special thank you to the team at Grease Monkey Games for the vision and encouragement along the way! Check out the full soundtrack here:



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Torque Drift 2 Original Video Game Soundtrack, Vol. 1

  1. Smell of Gasoline – Akaso
  2. Now – Kwasi
  3. Show Me What You Got – Moreno Garcia
  4. Butane – Arexs7ven
  5. Escape (feat. theoutrightworst) – Zombie Guys
  6. Stay Together – B$NK
  7. Phonk to Phonk – Zombie Guys
  8. Reminisce – Arexs7ven
  9. Be Mine (feat. Bryan Mensah) – Tone Candy
  10. Lowdown Vibes – Calbesque
  11. Revolution – Phunkin
  12. Spirit Flutter – Calbesque

Torque Drift 2 Theatrical Trailer